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By Seymour Resnick

Vital studying relief contains definitions of universal Spanish phrases prepared by means of such different types as meals, numbers, days of the week, months, colours, seasons and kinfolk. At the book's heart is a dictionary, from a to zapato, where every one be aware is utilized in a Spanish sentence (with English translation) demonstrating its right use.

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Download e-book for kindle: The alphabet in the park : selected poems by Adélia Prado

This can be the 1st publication released in English through of the paintings of Brazilian poet Adélia Prado. Incorporating poems released over the last fifteen years, The Alphabet within the Park is a booklet of ardour and intelligence, wit and intuition. those are poems approximately human issues, particularly these of girls, approximately residing in one’s physique and out of it, in regards to the actual but additionally the religious and the imaginitive lifestyles.

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Do they clean the rooms every day? limpio clean Nuestra habitaci6n siempre esta limpia. Our room is al- ways clean. lindo pretty Tienen una casa muy linda. They have a very pretty home . lfnea f. line Lean con cuidado la tercera linea. Read the third line carefully. lista f. list, menu Su nombre no esta en la lista de invitados. Your name isn't on the guest list. listo ready, smart, bright Es muy lista pero casi nunca esta lista a tiempo. She is very bright but is almost never ready on time . litro m.

They are looking for a more efficient method. metro m. 1 yards); subway (Spain) Hay mil metros en un kil6metro. There are a thousand meters in a kilometer. mi, mis my Quiero presentarle mi esposa y mis hijos. I want to introduce my wife and my children to you . miedo m. fear Tiene miedo de salir de noche. He's afraid to go out at night. 1001 Most Useful Spanish Words miembro m. member 31 iEs usted miembro de esta sociedad? Are you a member of this society? mientras (que) while Ella sali6 con el grupo mientras que yo descansaba.

Many people look for bargains in the Rastro [flea market in Madrid] on Sunday mornings. garganta f. throat Tiene un dolor de garganta y no puede hablar. He has a sore throat and can't speak . gastar to spend N o me gusta gastar dinero en tonterfas. I don't like to spend money on foolishness. gente f. people Mucha gente vino a la ceremonia. Many people came Quiero hablar con eI gerente. I want to talk to the to the ceremony. gerente m. manager manager. gobierno m. go vernme nt EI n e uv o gobie rno ti e n e e l apoyo de l pueblo.

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