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By Todor Metchkov

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"On New Year's Day, 1931, Jawaharlal Nehru all started a awesome sequence of letters at the background of the area to his daughter, Indira [Ghandi], then 13 years previous. Over the subsequent thirty months, Nehru wrote approximately 2 hundred letters during this sequence, that have been later released as Glimpses of global historical past.

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With difficulty I prized the offending apparatus from the man’s visage, shovelled my belongings back into my bag, and fled. 31 FLAT FEET AND FULL STEAM 32 Chapter Two T R AV E L S I N T H E C O L D IN WHICH THE AUTHOR TREKS ACROSS THE LARGEST ICE CAP IN EUROPE, WARMS UP IN A HOT-WATER POOL IN ICELAND, GOES DOG-SLEDGING IN GREENLAND, TRIES TO EAT WHALE ON THE FAROE ISLANDS, AND FINALLY ATTEMPTS TO SLEEP IN THE LAND OF 24-HOUR DAYLIGHT. First the heat, now the cold. Though my thin and angular frame is susceptible to intense cold – it prefers to fry than freeze – I have found myself, with a certain reluctance, embarking upon journeys in the more northerly extremities of Europe and the world drawn more by the demands of my job as a travel writer than a deep-rooted attraction.

So, since this worthy spent half his life in the country, our leadership was far from unqualified. Above us the skies darkly threatened one moment, turned bright and blue the next, while a wind that never failed to search one out whatever the shelter found or clothing worn arose from nowhere. The adage ‘If you don’t like the weather, hang on a minute’ never was more apt. Our overnight accommodation was vested in huts of varying amenities – or lack of them. That of Einhyruinger was spacious and well-equipped whilst being conveniently close to the gnarled peak of that name to make a surprisingly easy evening climb 35 FLAT FEET AND FULL STEAM unthreatened by the perils of darkness, since daylight lasted the whole night through.

We were making our way to Ouarzazate along the main road from Marrakech. Behind us was the Tiz-n-Tichka Pass through which the road had coiled. ’ By road it would have been no problem, but Rene wasn’t thinking of roads. At the junction at Agouim a signpost indicated a place called Sour to be 26 kilometres distant; the map assured us that a road of sorts led to it. Thereafter it appeared to expire and even the enlarged inset became vague when it came to positioning the various tracks that led hopefully in the direction of Toubkal.

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