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By Birkhoff G.D.

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The writer indicates how, of the 4 forces of actual nature, it's the electromagnetic strength that turns on the entire nature round us in addition to bodies and brains. This strength has been drawn upon all through our whole evolution and performs an crucial function in almost all of contemporary know-how.

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7 and EMC engineers should be familiar with these technical requirements as design measures which ensure product safety will always override those for electromagnetic compatibility if a choice has to be made. ~. ~11 E ~ E ~ T -\ NIOSH 101 STANDARDS (WORKERS) ~ ~\. "'~ ffi 0. " 10-1 / .... / -I , r - \\..... _ ..... _ ..... _ ..... /'.... \ NRPB(1989) / / ~ ~ /'7 ART. 5 \. ::nt. EEC \. 7 contains examples of standards regulating human exposure to RF energy. 14 including those proposed by INIRC (1988).

Interference limits at the specified test distances are then issued together with careful test methods designed to determine whether an equipment meets them. The characteristics of appropriate measurement equipment are also specified, often based on CISPR standards. g. g. o Investigation Service [12,13] with specifications such as BS4809, BS800, BS6527, etc. 3) are produced. These EN standards are now the most important for EC manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment. The European electrical standards committee is known as CENELEC and has been given a mandate by the EC to oversee the harmonisation of national standards and to prepare new ones when necessary.

I t will be evident from comparing the two parts of the Table that there are no current equivalent FCC EMC immunity standards in the USA, though these migh t be introd uced for information technology equipment. 3 contain lists in number order of EC EN standards [16, 17] which have been referenced in the official journal of the European Communities and are therefore notified for use in the self certification route to compliance with the EC EMC directive. 4 [16] lists a number of proposed product specific EMC standards on which CENELEC is working (in 1993).

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