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New PDF release: A Veiled Reflection

By Tracie Peterson

Jillian struggles to fill the shoes--and identity-- of her exact dual sister amid the stern principles and exercises of the Arizona Harvey apartment. while the neighborhood healthcare professional inadvertently discovers her ruse, he creates a plan of his personal. Westward Chronicles ebook three.

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You make it sound as if you’re trying on a new outfit. Marriage is a lifetime commitment,” Jillian told her sister quite seriously. “Silly goose, of course it is. I wouldn’t think of it any other way. It’s just that some women go into marriage acting as though their life is over. ” Jillian shook her head. ” She honestly meant every word. Just thinking about Judith’s proposition caused her heart to beat a little faster. Could she really do it—just go and start a new life? “Here’s your chance,” Judith replied, squeezing her sister’s hand.

Silently contemplating her next move, Jillian barely heard the supper conversation around her. Her father grumbled and growled disappointment in Judith’s plans to return to the Harvey Company, and her mother addressed the issue of taking Judith and Jillian to Europe, where she could get both of them married off before they passed an acceptable age for matrimony. Jillian gazed at the immaculate room with its gilded gold-framed paintings and portraits. Bavarian ancestors stared down at her from the wall as if to question her decision to help Judith, while overhead a crystal chandelier bestowed electric light in a warm and steady glow.

Why, even dressing her own hair had become quite an ordeal. Once when Kate had helped her lace her corset, she had suggested Judith go back to wearing her hair like she had before she’d gone back to Kansas City for the funeral. Only Jillian wasn’t exactly sure how that might have been. Fortunately, Louisa chimed in that she thought the new style more becoming. They had contemplated Jillian’s hair for nearly fifteen minutes before Kate went back to tending her own raven locks. Jillian watched the young Irishwoman from the corner of the room.

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