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Download e-book for iPad: ActiveX programming unleashed by Weiying Chen

By Weiying Chen

A consultant to internet programming with ActiveX. The e-book covers ActiveX Controls, energetic scripts, ActiveX records, net Server API (ISAPI), low and high point interfaces for downloading information from the web, ActiveX Server Framework and sceurity and optimization concerns for ActiveX programmers

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Class Factory implementation. htm (14 of 40) [7/1/2002 11:55:22 PM] Chapter 3 - ActiveX Unleashed pObj->Release(); } else { hr = E_OUTOFMEMORY; *ppv = NULL; } return hr; } STDMETHODIMP CLowerStrClassFactory::LockServer(BOOL fLock) { if (fLock) g_cLock++; else g_cLock--; return S_OK; } 1. 11. QueryInterface is almost the same except the interface exposed by the CLowerStr is different from CLowerStrClassFactory. CLowerStr inherits from two interfaces, IUnknown and ILowerStr, whereas CLowerStrClassFactory inherits IUnknown and IClassFactory.

The midl switch /m_ext will support Microsoft extensions to DCE IDL. These extensions include: Interface definition for OLE objects, multiple interfaces, enumeration, cpp_quote (quoted_string) and wide character types(wchar_t), and so on. 7. Let's say that if the IDL file includes typedef enum { A=1, B, C } BAD_ENUM; 1. /m_ext switch needs to be turned on. htm (25 of 40) [7/1/2002 11:55:22 PM] Chapter 3 - ActiveX Unleashed 2. /c_ext switch enables the use of C-language extensions in the IDL file.

Utilizing the ActiveX Hyperlinks technology, you can extend OLE Documents across the Web. ActiveX Hyperlinks are discussed in the next section. " Asynchronous Storage The ability to bring ActiveX Documents across the WWW gives rise to another ActiveX technology, Asynchronous Storage. Basically this extends structured storage across the Web, allowing for the storage to happen asynchronously. Obviously, with the slow bandwidth of the Internet, if you allowed a storage operation to happen synchronously, nothing else could happen on the client or server until the transfer of data to or from persistent storage took place.

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