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By William J. Abraham

In his day, John Wesley provided vital insights on how you can receive wisdom of God that bears fruit in our personal occasions. As premier Wesleyan student William Abraham exhibits, Wesley's most famed religious event is rife with philosophical importance and implications. all through, Abraham brings Wesley's paintings into fruitful dialog with probably the most very important paintings in modern epistemology. Lyrically and succinctly he explores the simultaneous epistemological quest and religious pilgrimage that have been valuable to Wesley and the Evangelical Revival of the eighteenth century. In so doing, he presents a realized and eye-opening meditation upon the connection among cause and religion.

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During this quantity Ann Lee Bressler bargains the 1st cultural heritage of yankee Universalism and its crucial instructing -- the concept that an all-good and omnipotent God saves all souls. even if Universalists have ordinarily been lumped including Unitarians as "liberal religionists," in its origins their stream was once, actually, rather diverse from that of the better-known spiritual liberals.

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Second, I have shown how Wesley’s views are by no means archaic or idiosyncratic. In fact, nearly every single one of his concerns is readily visible in some of the very best work in recent philosophy of religion. Yet, in closing, we need to stand back and answer an obvious objection or worry. Is not all this complicated work in philosophy a terrible distraction? Would Wesley really want to be associated with such complicated paraphernalia as proper functioning, sensus divinitatis, doxastic practices, knowledge by acquaintance, filial knowledge of God, and the like?

Second, in prevenient grace God irresistibly and universally restores in us the initial capacity to perceive the truth. This grace is manifest, for example, in conscience and in the initial desire to seek after God as something good and attractive. This action of God simply provides the preparatory work for what we really need, namely, the more direct action of God by the Holy Spirit to enable us to become aware of and see for ourselves what God has done for us in Jesus Christ. 5 This gift of new senses is in fact the gift of faith by which we are acquitted or justified before God.

Secondly, it is clear that our ministry in the church depends first and foremost on God, that is, on the gospel, on the great canonical heritage of the church, and on the mysterious testimony of the Holy Spirit. Unfasten these and we are destined to death and extinction. 29 If this philosophical work undermines the first-order life of the church, then we should set it aside and seek the face of the Lord afresh. We should go into mourning, take upon us sackcloth and ashes, hide away in monasteries and places of retreat, and fast and pray until the Lord has mercy upon us 40 Aldersgate and Athens and pours out a new Pentecost on his people.

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