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By Daining Fang

This edited paintings covers piezoelectric fabrics within the kind of beams, plates, shells, and different structural parts in glossy units and constructions. functions are frequency keep an eye on and detection services in resonators, sensors, actuators, oscillations, and different shrewdpermanent and clever constructions.

The contributions conceal novel tools for the research of piezoelectric buildings together with wave propagation, excessive frequency vibration, fabric characterization, and optimization of constructions. knowing of those equipment is more and more vital within the layout and modelling of subsequent iteration units and micro-structures with piezoelectric parts and results

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40) where Smn = (hs /mn)[h31 r1s (m/a)2 + h32 r2s (n/b)2 ] is the mnth modal sensitivity. With the above four signal equations, the output signals exist for most modes, except for either m or n is multiples of 4. The sign of feedback voltages to each region of the SQ actuator is regs3 s3 s1 s2 ulated for different plate modes, and φmn = (−1)m · (−1)n φmn , φmn = (−1) · (−1)n φmn , s s4 φmn = (−1) · (−1)m φmn3 . , φmn = (−1)m · (−1)n |φ a |, s3 s2 s4 a a a n m φmn = (−1) · (−1) |φ |, φmn = |φ |, φmn = (−1) · (−1) |φ |, for both m and n are odd number modes, such as modes (1,1), (1,3), (3,1), (3,3).

1996, 197(2), 225-249. [16] Tzou H S, Wang D W, Chai W K. Dynamics and distributed control of conical shells laminated with full and diagonal actuators. J. , 2002, 256(1), 65-79. 40 Jing Jiang, HongHao Yue, ZongQuan Deng, and HornSen Tzou [17] Lee C K, Moon F C. Modal sensors/actuator. ASME J. Appl. , 1990, 57, 434-441. [18] Lee C K, Moon F C. Laminated piezopolymer plates for torsion and bending sensors and actuators. J. Acoust. Soc. , 1989, 85(6), 2432-2439. [19] Tzou H S. Spatially distributed orthogonal piezoelectric shell actuators: theory and applications.

33] Yue H H, Sun G L, Deng Z Q, et al. Distributed shell control with a new multi-DOF photostrictive actuator design. J. , 2010, 329, 3647-3659. [34] Jiang J, Yue H H, Deng Z Q, et al. Non-uniform control moments induced by a new skewquad actuator design applied to plate controls. IMECE2009 Proceeding, IMECE2009-11102. Lake Buena Vista, Florida, November 13-19, 2009. [35] Chu S Y, Uchino K. Photoacoustic devices using PLZT ceramics. Proceedings of 1994 IEEE Intel Symposium of Applied Ferroelectrics.

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