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J. Paul Sampley's "And the Two Shall Become One Flesh": A Study of Traditions PDF

By J. Paul Sampley

During this distinct exegesis of Ephesians five: 21-33 Dr Sampley not just elucidates the that means of this tough and traditionally very important passage, yet he additionally discusses and describes the historical past and resources of the Epistle. specifically he lines the background of the traditions included in it and demonstrates convincingly that the author of Ephesians drew seriously on definite passages in Genesis and Leviticus. Ephesians should be obvious as a mosaic of traditions ingeniously prepared and hired to precise the recent message of the early church. This publication will be of curiosity to all outdated and New testomony students.

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351. 2 41 TRADITIONAL MATERIALS IN 5: 21-33 USOCTI) . In Ezekiel, as in Ephesians, the washing with water is directly related to the act of the husband's purifying his bride. Further reinforcing the lines that may be drawn between Ezekiel and Ephesians on this particular issue is the currency of the association of Jerusalem with the church, as discussed by Paul Minear in his Images of the Church in the New Testament} The interplay of conceptions of Jerusalem and of the church in Galatians, Hebrews and Revelation points up the prevalence of these understandings in the early Christian communities, and probably indicates that the author of Ephesians has here taken over earlier church or Christian traditions and informed them with further details from Ezek.

The specific occurrence of dyairdco and Trapa8i5co|ii in Eph. 5: 25 differs only in the change of the object of the preposition uirep from some personal pronoun such as the ujias of 5: 2 6, or the [xe of Gal. 2: 20 to TT)V eKKAr|criav. The context of the discussion in 5: 25 ff. requires such a substitution, but still permits the author to retain the basic parts of the formula, 1 G. K. Barrett, A Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans (New York: Harper & Row, 1957), p. 172. , 'loved5 plus object and cgave himself up for' plus object.

May allude to formulations prior to the NT. 2 Whereas 5: 256 - 'Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her' —may on one level be understood apart from marriage imagery and language, 5: 26-7 may not be so understood. These two verses contain a complex of ideas related primarily to marriage, and they exhibit certain features and characteristics that may be traced directly to two specific OT writings, namely Ezekiel and Song of Songs. It is ultimately possible to see the milieu of the Ephesian hieros gamos in that elusive portrait of YHWH's marriage to Israel.

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